Association of graduates of IEPROES (AGI)

AGIWSP_Mesa de trabajo 1

The Association of Graduates of IEPROES was established with the aim of promoting the integration and the integral development of the graduates of IEPROES. Within its main objectives are:

  • Strive for the sense of fraternity among its members and the sense of belonging to IEPROES.
  • To strengthen the relationship between the institute, graduates, and institutions in the labour sector, creating a work bench.
  • We have especially for those who like to try their luck to get a good prize.
  • Contribute to the comprehensive development of IEPROES, especially in areas of scientific, technological, cultural, academic, and social.

A directive composed of graduates of IEPROES of the three dependencies San Salvador, Santa Ana and San Miguel. Built by:

Licda. Ivette B. Munguia of Bone – President
Tga. Silvia P. Bermudez Gonzalez – Vice president
Att. Elsi N. Kings Marquina – Secretary
Att. Rebekah A. Cerna Vasquez – Treasurer
Licda. Johanna E. Mejía Martínez – Vocal 1
Att. Lydia M. Batres Castro – Vocal 2
Licdo. Henry E. Aguilar Sanchez – Vocal 3