Technologist in Nursing

Our graduates of the Nursing Technologist career will have the capabilities and competencies necessary to assume in optimal conditions the responsibilities of the development of their functions, having scientific knowledge, as well as the skills and abilities for the comprehensive care of the individual, the family and the community itself. Likewise, applying correctly and effectively the nursing care process in the promotion, prevention, recovery and rehabilitation for the different sectors of the population at low and medium risk. The professional will have the capacity to attend patients in complicated, mild and stable states. Likewise, he/she will have the ability to know and apply the scientific methodology to carry out objective research in the field of nursing that contributes to knowledge in health, social, community and environmental problems. On the other hand, he/she will stand out for his/her high ethical and moral and human sense, assuming a social commitment with the health problems of the country, demonstrating leadership in the exercise of his/her profession.


  • Hospital health institutions, public or private, national or international.
    Pre-school, kindergarten, elementary, middle and higher education institutions.
    Non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
  • Municipal and company clinics.
    Child development centers.
    Elderly care centers.
  • Independently practice their profession in the provision of health services, community medical campaigns, home care, among others.
  • To design and implement training processes for nursing human resources at the technician and technologist degrees.
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