Technical Environmental Health


Our graduate of the career Technical in Environmental Health will have the necessary skills and competencies to assume in optimal conditions the responsibilities inherent to the development of its functions, within the work area, as well as their own personal development. In this sense, the student will have the scientific and technical knowledge to successfully carry out its functions, within continuous improvement processes, as well as the abilities and skills to respond to the problems of environmental health, through trainings and studies to carry out programs of food and hygiene safety, solid waste, excreta, and wastewater management, and training, among others.


  • In State institutions, such as environmental sanitation inspector, health promoter, and food.
  • In Municipal Mayor's Offices as Environmental Units Technicians, markets inspectors, among others.
  • Non-Governmental organizations, as a field Technician for community organization and development of water and environmental health projects, water promoter, among others.
  • In Private companies as a Laboratory Technician for water and environmental sanitation, food and quality control.
  • Practice their profession independently, especially in programs of food safety and hygiene, solid waste management, management of excreta and wastewater, trainings and other.
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