Bachelor's degree in Psychology HEALTH


Professional in the field of health capable of diagnosing, designing, implementing and evaluating plans and programs of care at the guidance, counseling and therapeutic intervention levels in order to participate in the promotion, prevention, treatment and follow-up in the psychology field of health.


The graduate of the Bachelor's degree in Health Psychology be able to provide its services, according to their academic level in:

  1. Educational advisor at a personal and group level in public and private institutions.
  2. Direct attention and participation in multidisciplinary team at health care community level.
  3. Direct attention of Psychology and participation in multidisciplinary team in hospitals.
  4. Counselor in health psychology in early childhood, elementary, middle and higher education institutions.
  5. Counseling and psychological intervention in health in units of risk prevention in occupational health in companies.
  6. Health psychologist in specialized units of the Ministry of Health and the Salvadoran Social Security Institute.
    del Seguro Social.
  7. Psychotherapeutic care in educational institutions, companies, healthcare services at primary, secondary and tertiary levels.
  8. Management in public or private institutions and non-governmental organizations for the care of children, young people and the elderly.
  9. Counseling and individual or group psychological intervention in emergencies and disasters.
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