The publication and dissemination of scientific results is a work that is inherent to any Institution of Higher Education (IHE) that allows you to promote the exchange of the results of the science among the different actors involved in the scientific activity.

In correspondence with this, the Institute of Health care Professionals (IEPROES), founded on may 15, 2014 the imprint EDITIONS EDIPRO, expressing in this way the desire to have an instrument for the promotion and dissemination of bibliographic material, of authors who are nationals or foreigners, as a contribution to the institutional knowledge management, becoming the highest advisory body of the institution in the field of publishing.

The work of EDITIONS EDIPRO is directed to manage the editorial process for the production and socialization of publications serials and serials.



We are an imprint dedicated to the publication of scientific and academic production generated at IEPROES, within the framework of the integration of the three substantive functions: teaching, research and social projection; in addition to publishing contributions from academics outside IEPROES, who have the interest to make known and expose to the Salvadoran society in general and the academic community in particular their contributions to the discussion of national and regional issues in several fields.


To be a nationally and internationally recognized publishing label that periodically publishes academic works in several scientific disciplines related to healthcare, education, and the environment, among others, thus contributing to the national and regional development of scientific dissemination, as a result of the work of academics interested in contributing to the proposal of solutions to local and global problems affecting our country and region.