The Higher Education Institutions are innate centers of academic knowledge production, which is why publishing journals have become a necessity for these institutions to comply with their substantive processes, by promoting the transmission of science, technology and culture, socializing knowledge and expanding their production beyond the university walls. This contributes to the transfer of knowledge from the university to society.

En este sentido, el Instituto Especializado de Profesionales de la Salud, a través del Sello Editorial EDICIONES EDIPRO, ha apostado por promover los resultados de los proyectos de investigación institucional In this sense, the Specialized Institute of Health professionals (IEPROES), through the EDICIONES EDIPRO publishing label, has decided to promote the results of the institutional research projects that are carried out annually, publishing them in book format, as a contribution to the management of knowledge.

Therefore, promoting greater accessibility, collaboration, efficiency and transparency of research, to make it more democratic and more closely linked to the needs of society is the essence of an open science, to which IEPROES is committed as an essential element to achieve quality higher education. IEPROES conceives the editorial productions derived from institutional research projects as open access productions, by guaranteeing free and open access to this scientific literature, promoting its free availability on the Internet and allowing any user to read, download, copy, print, print, distribute or any other legal use of it, without any financial, technical or any other type of barrier.

Socializing the results of the work of the Research Units of IEPROES at its headquarters in San Salvador and its regional centers in Santa Ana and San Miguel, will allow the consolidation of a space for exchange that exposes the true scientific contribution of the research carried out at IEPROES, by socializing results that motivate scientific debate, that induce the analysis of new problems and that seek to improve the quality of life of the population.

In addition, EDICIONES EDIPRO makes available to all interested parties, the book: Linking teaching, research and social projection, the result of all the work of IEPROES; as well as a set of relevant academic works of internal and external, national and foreign authors.

For more information, please visit the following link: Yearbooks - IEPROES where the yearbooks are being hosted. Anuarios – IEPROES   donde están siendo alojados los anuarios.