Forum "Healthcare and Development: a perspective from higher education".

9 May, 2019 admin Array

On Thursday, March 14, the Forum entitled "Health and Development: a perspective from higher education" was held, where the institutional research on: "Knowledge and its influence on the sexual and reproductive healthcare of students from 16 to 19 years of age in the first year of the bachelor's degree in nursing at the IEPROES Regional Center San Miguel. This study was conducted from January to December 2018. Similarly, a presentation was made of research conducted by students, on "Self-care and its influence on the progression of kidney disease in users enrolled in the Nephrology program at UCSFE MOAR".

The event was attended by representatives and authorities of the different healthcare institutions of the first and second level of attention of the Ministry of Health of El Salvador (MINSAL) of the entire Eastern Zone, representatives of private hospitals, higher education institutions, public institutions such as schools, the Attorney General's Office, the Legislative Assembly, among others.