Graduation Ceremony April 2019, Regional Center San Miguel

17 May, 2019 admin Array

The Specialized Institute of Healthcare Professionals, San Miguel Regional Center, celebrated on Friday, April 05, 2019, the graduation ceremony of Bachelor of Nursing, Nursing Technologists, Nursing Technicians and Diplomates in Scientific Research.

The table of honour was made up of Dr. Celina Dolores Ventura Elías Director General of IEPROES, Magister Virginia Azucena Aguilar de Cruz Secretary General of IEPROES, Licda. Sonia Elsy Ramos de Claros, Director of IEPROES Regional Center San Miguel, Licda. Ingrid Vásquez Representative of the Government of San Miguel and Licda. Sandra María Luna de Hernández Head of Nursing of the Eastern Healthcare Unit. The ceremony was also attended by members of the healthcare regional authorities, national hospitals, teaching and administrative staff, family members, special guests and others.

Within the framework of this ceremony, 34 new professionals received their degrees from the first graduation, which accredits them as Licensed Nurses in accordance with their training and the philosophy of Nursing El Salvador: "We believe in the individual value of the person. Consequently, we assume the responsibility of providing quality and warm nursing services to the individual, family and community". Graduates are qualified to provide healthcare services at national and international level.