31 March, 2023 Esther María Rivera Cortez Array

In commemoration of World Theater Day, IEPROES joined the activities promoted by the National University Theater Committee (CoNUT) to promote Salvadoran theater and foster culture and the arts in the country.

As part of IEPROES' alliances with CoNUT, our students from different careers participated in the Theater Workshop "From Chaos to Order" on March 22 and 23, at the Cultural Center of the Central American University José Simeón Cañas. The activity counted with the presence of Aida Bernal, theater pedagogue, who guided the students in an enriching and transforming experience.

In addition, on March 27, IEPROES participated in a discussion with writer David J. Rocha and his book "Edmundo Barrera: Cartografía, Memorias, Teatro" (Edmundo Barrera: Cartography, Memories, Theater). In this dialogue, the importance of theater as a means of preserving historical memory and reflecting on the cultural identity of our country was discussed.

They also visited the Puppet Museum at the Pablo Tesak Foundation Cultural Center, in order to learn more about the history and importance of puppet theater in our country. This activity allowed IEPROES students to broaden their knowledge about the different cultural and artistic manifestations that are present in El Salvador.

At IEPROES we are committed to the promotion and encouragement of culture and the arts, and we will continue to work in partnership with different organizations to strengthen our cultural and artistic fabric. Happy World Theater Day!