IEPROES binds Society Together for the Mobilization Smoking in El Salvador (JOIN)

24 May, 2019 admin Array

The Specialized Institute of Health Professionals, IEPROES joined the United Society for the Anti-tobacco Mobilization in El Salvador (SÚMATE) through the signing of an act of incorporation held on May 8 at the National Association of Nurses of El Salvador (ANES), where this house of studies was represented by the General Director, Dr. Celina Dolores Ventura Elías.

SÚMATE is a civil society coalition aimed at promoting efforts to control the eradication of tobacco use in all its forms, through social and political advocacy, in order to guarantee the Salvadoran population's right to healthcare.

As of the signing of this constitution, it is integrated by different organizations such as: The Specialized Institute of Health Professionals (IEPROES), the National University of El Salvador (UES), the Association of Pneumology, the Association of Salvadoran Ex-Smokers (EXFUSAL), the Salvadoran Association of Psychiatry, ANES, the Digital Creativity Agency (COCREA), Fundación en Pro de las Personas Laringectomizadas en El Salvador (FUNDAHABLA), Fundación para la Democracia, Seguridad y Paz (FUNDEMOSPAZ), Foro Nacional de la Salud (FNS) and ACCPS, Medicus Mundi El Salvador, Sociedad Dental de El Salvador and Unidad Ecológica Salvadoreña (UNES).

In 2011, the Legislative Assembly approved the Tobacco Control Bill and for the first time the country will have a legal framework that will regulate the consumption, commercialization, promotion, advertising and sponsorship of tobacco products and its derivatives, said Law establishes, in its Art. 6 that no person shall smoke tobacco or keep tobacco lit in indoor areas of any public or private place. However, there is a gap to be solved in this aspect; and that is that the Law admits the option of establishing a specific area for smoking. In addition, the Regulation of the Law regulates advertising, promotion and sponsorship, since advertising is prohibited in all media, except in points of sale, however, in the latter case, 50% of health warnings must be placed in the main surfaces.

Since 2009, an educational campaign has been launched to warn the population about the dangers of tobacco use and the benefits of quitting. The Law and the Regulations of the Law establish the responsibility of the State to develop educational and communication measures, including campaigns. Because of this, El Salvador has specialized tobacco cessation services through the Centers for Prevention and Treatment of Addictions (CPTA), with a free service and a good team of doctors, psychologists, social workers, who are certified in tobacco cessation and other types of addictions. Thus, IEPROES will contribute through education, research and other activities to the effort of eradicating the tobacco convention in all its purposes.