Science Week 2019

19 September, 2019 admin Array
The Specialized Institute of Health Professionals, IEPROES on September 17 and 18, 2019, carried out the Scientific Week, with the participation of the members of the Social Projection Units with the presentation of the projects carried out during 2018; also the Research Units of the San Salvador headquarters, Regional Centers of Santa Ana and San Migel, presented their institutional research of 2018.
Carlos Roberto Ochoa, Executive Director of N-CONACYT, participated in the conference "Linking Higher Education - Business: the challenges of a change of vision in the transfer of knowledge".
Ing. Carlos Roberto Ochoa, Executive Director of N-CONACYT
Dr. Luis Armando González (Researcher) gave a lecture on "Epistemology and Scientific Research: reflections and perspectives". Walter Antonio Fagoaga, General Coordinator of Research and Social Projection, presented the Journal Health and Development, whose main purpose is to establish a dialogue between the national and international academic community on topics related to healthcare, education and the environment.
To conclude the scientific day, nursing graduates held different forums on the topics of care and community and hospital practices, and to close with the theory and practice of nursing, as well as the exhibition of scientific posters.