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The Specialized Institute of Health Professionals, in fulfillment of its institutional mission and in order to provide answers from academia to various problems of the Salvadoran reality, has developed the "Scientific Week 2020", with a series of events to disseminate the academic production carried out by the research and social projection units of the headquarters and regional centers.

For this year and depending on the circumstances of COVID-19, the event was held virtually, through its digital media in accompaniment of the IEPROES community, special guests and the general population.

Among the outstanding events, there was the launch of the publications of the institutional research 2019 and that form part of the "Institutional Research" collection through the publishing house "Ediciones EDIPRO". All of them have their ISBN records and are part of the work carried out by the scientific research units.

  • Water pollution of the Cenizo River and its consequences on the environment and state of health in Nahulingo, Sonsonate.

    Vanessa C. de Sandoval., José M. Pérez.

  • Historical evolution of nursing in El Salvador, advances in the knowledge of the profession.

    Weder J. González., Lorena E. Ayala., Fátima E. Bermúdez., Claudia M. de Guevara

  • Knowledge, attitudes and practices of the Salvadoran population about tuberculosis.

    Oswaldo A. Vargas., Cristina B. de Barrera., Ely E. de Carrillo., Margarita D. de Peñate.

  • Social determinants of health and quality of life of vulnerable groups.

    Cristina de los A. de Carpio., José M. Pérez., Xiomara M. de Henrique., Rosa L. Morán.

On the other hand, as a summit event, the panel forum called: "COVID-19: Impacts and effects in the Latin American context" was held, with the international participation of Dr. María Alejandra Silva from Argentina and Dr. Ramiro Altamira Camacho from Mexico and with the participation of the Master. Walter Antonio Fagoaga from IEPROES, assessed the health situation in the world as a result of COVID-19 and particularly in the Latin American region in various scenarios.

For IEPROES, the scientific week is a space for academic dissemination, where research and social projection activities come together, to show society in general the scientific work carried out and at the same time, contribute to the necessary academic dialogue in the country and the region, with contributions and concrete actions that define the orientation and sense of relevance of higher education as a fundamental actor for development sustainable social policy.