Convention University of Medical Sciences of Havana and IEPROES

4 December, 2023 Esther María Rivera Cortez Array

In order to foster academic excellence and stimulate international collaboration, IEPROES and the University of Medical Sciences of Havana, Cuba, have signed a cooperation agreement. This agreement is aimed at strengthening educational relations, as well as actively promoting the exchange of knowledge between both institutions.

The signing took place on November 28 during CICAS 2023, where the authorities of both institutions met to formalize this strategic alliance..

The agreement will not only allow for joint research but will also open the doors to student exchange programs, giving students the opportunity to enhance their learning through cross-cultural and academic experiences at both institutions.

With this agreement, IEPROES and the University of Medical Sciences of Havana seek to establish an exemplary model of cooperation that will inspire other institutions to seek similar alliances for the benefit of higher education and the advancement of society.