Jewish University System and IEPROES sign convention

6 December, 2023 Esther María Rivera Cortez Array

Jewish University System and IEPROES have signed a strategic collaboration agreement that will mark a milestone in the educational field, with the aim of boosting knowledge exchange and stimulating educational innovation. 

This agreement was formally signed during a ceremony held on November 29, within the framework of the II Congress of Research in Environmental and Healthcare Sciences CICAS 2023, which brought together distinguished representatives from both institutions. The commitment established between the authorities of both entities lays the foundations for multidisciplinary cooperation, aimed at strengthening research, facilitating exchange programs and promoting joint academic growth.

It is expected that this alliance will not only benefit both institutions but will also have a positive impact on the academic community and society in general.

With a shared commitment to academic excellence and the exchange of ideas, these institutions are ready to explore new opportunities arising from this unprecedented collaboration, with the hope of inspiring other universities to follow a similar path in pursuit of continuous improvement in higher education.