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8 December, 2023

CICAS 2023

Charting the Way towards a Sustainable Future: Congress on Research in Environmental Science and Health, an Initiative Led by [...]

6 December, 2023

Jewish University System and IEPROES sign convention

Jewish University System and IEPROES have signed a strategic partnership agreement that will mark a milestone in the field of education, [...]

4 December, 2023

Convention University of Medical Sciences of Havana and IEPROES

In pursuit of promoting academic excellence and encourage the collaboration at the international level, IEPROES and the University of Sciences [...]

29 November, 2023

IEPROES and the University of Cienfuegos, Cuba sign a framework collaboration agreement

In an effort to strengthen the academic cooperation and the promotion of excellence in research, the Institute of Professional [...]

10 November, 2023

¡IEPROES present in CAEI 2023!

The Organization of Iberoamerican University (OUI) developed the “Conference of the Americas on International Education” from 6 to 8 November [...]

30 October, 2023

A new generation of health professionals – Graduation October 2023

In an emotional and meaningful ceremony graduation IEPROES, more than 650 students had been successfully completed his studies in [...]

18 October, 2023

IEPROES participates in International Research

IEPROES in the framework of the International Research collaboration 2023 “IN SEARCH OF the ORIGIN OF THE PLASTIC BOTTLES” [...]